Design Idea Fairy

Apr 11

An elegant living room idea. TV is optional.


Cream and gold chair: HERE

Brown TV stand: HERE

Gold and glass coffee table: HERE

Tree lamp: HERE

Wall sconces: HERE

Gold and glass end table: HERE

Tile: HERE

Apr 10

Once I saw the table lamp, I couldn’t justĀ not make a room out of it!

I’m imagining this with very slightly off-white walls, possibly even a very, very light grey.

Anyway, this is supposed to have a winter palace kind of feel to it!


Table lamp: HERE

Chandelier: HERE

Wall art: HERE

Tufted bed head: HERE

White striped bedding: HERE

Canopy: HERE

Marble tiling: HERE

Shag rug: HERE (select ‘Silver’)

Mirror: HERE

Floor lamp: HERE

Apr 9

I fell in love with the lamp and everything else just fell into place! I was thinking this room could use some black vinyl flooring and black walls. Put the bed in the middle of the room with its head up against the wall furthest from the door. Line the wall it’s up against with the cool harlequin style wallpaper.


Kickass harlequin lamp: HERE

Harlequin wallpaper: HERE

Bubbly rug: HERE

Wall clock: HERE

Black bedding set: HERE

Brushed gold bedframe: HERE

Cool mirror: HERE

Bookcase: HERE

Bedside table: HERE

Computer storage solution: HERE

Apr 8

I saw the fabulous cushions and just ran with the idea this time. The white tree decals look pretty fantastic on the dark grey walls in the preview picture, and I think if you had that dark grey wall in a room with three other chartreuse walls it could work awesomely. Be careful with such a bright colour in a small space, though.


Cushions: HERE and HERE

Teapot lamp: HERE

Gold mirror: HERE

Green iron stool: HERE

Tree wall decal: HERE

Neutral green bedding: HERE along with other colours

Funky ceiling fan and light: HERE

Drapes: HERE

Apr 7

Black and white art deco living room concept.

The first piece of this lot that I saw was the ottoman/storage combo, and the whole room was built around that.

Firstly, I think this would thing would work really well in a stark white room with bright white carpets, but cream walls could also work rather nicely.

I deliberately chose the tiger end table as the only coloured piece in the whole room as I think it’s beautiful and quite an unusual choice - if it’s the only piece with any colour, then the eye will be drawn to it very quickly! Of course, everything in this room has high contrast (that, my friends, is the nature of black and white), but the colour will help the tiger to stand out.

I’d probably place the Mickey and Minnie figurine on top of the media center. It shouldn’t be tall enough to obstruct the view of the TV and it’s a nice personal touch.


Seashell sculpture: HERE

White leather sofa: HERE

Black leatherette lounge chair: HERE

Black wood finish media center: HERE

Plaster sculpture end table: HERE

Black ottoman + storage set: HERE

Wrought iron wall art: HERE

White drapes with black accents: HERE

Mickey and Minnie Mouse figurine: HERE

Tiger end table: HERE

Apr 6

A steampunk-inspired living room concept.

First of all, I’m in love with tufted couches, so I wanted to do something with them. The extra chair to go with it would do very nicely.

I picked out that specific map of the world because it’s mounted on wood, which not only makes it look nicer but also adds to its longevity! You can get an identical unmounted map for about ten dollars but I think the mounted one is worth the extra. This map could go well as an accent sitting above and behind the couch, or it could go above a fireplace in front of the seating. I suppose it all depends on if you have a TV and if so, where it’s placed.

I love love love the iron coffee table (and the matching end table, that’s a nice touch). I think it would look nice with a sculpture atop it.

Now, I’ve picked out two different lantern colours because I think they’d both look fab. Personally, I’d use both in the room! Hang them at different points on the ceiling. What I would do is string a rope around at different levels so I could put several lanterns floating at different heights.

I like the deep blue of this particular cushion, but there are lighter blue versions if that’s more to your taste. Actually, it comes in a whole rainbow of colours, but I feel that the deep blue would play off of all the brassy browny tones very nicely. Especially if you put some candles on the coffeetable - it’d look wonderful by candlelight!

There are so many clocks you could pick for a room like this, but I like the wings so I had to go with this one. Not much explanation here. And as for the rug, I just like the pattern.


Tufted leather couch: HERE

Tufted leather seat: HERE

Wood-mounted world map: HERE

Iron and glass coffee table: HERE

Lanterns: HERE

Silk cushion covers: HERE

Winged clock statue: HERE

Iron and glass end table: HERE

Damask rug: HERE

Apr 5

Princess room concept! Or prince, if you like. My idea is to cover one wall in the pink wallpaper (top image) and preferably have the bed up against said wall. The rest should be painted in an eggshell/off white colour (like the paint in the last image).

White or off-white carpet would be nice, but my favourite idea for this is using the shagpile rug I’ve linked on top of polished wood floorboards. I think I lighter wood colour would work best with this room.

The fairylights can be strung through the bed canopy. They should reflect really nicely off the shiny bits of the gold bedding and even catch the glitter of the wallpaper. Any kid would feel like they’re fairyland royalty (though to be honest, I would love this room and I’m 19).

DISCLAIMER: I don’t know if it is fireproof! I have seen many people do this before, but I don’t know if this particular canopy would be okay for this. Check it first.

I picked out this colour fairylights as opposed to pure white ones because I think it would make the room nice and warm feeling, though I suppose you could go with white ones if you liked!


Pink glittery wallpaper: HERE

Pink bed canopy: HERE

Fairy lights: HERE

Shagpile rug: HERE

Gold bedding: HERE

Rocking chair with photo frame: HERE

Pretty ceiling fan and light: HERE

Eggshell wall paint: HERE

Apr 5

Golden candle chandelier: HERE

Clock feat. temperature: HERE

Purple bedding set: HERE

Victorian style bedframe: HERE